An Evening Alone – Alpha Download

An Evening Alone

An Evening Alone is a very stylish puzzle based first person horror game in which you attempt to escape from a never-ending nightmare.

What first strikes you about An Evening Alone is the visual style that feels as though you’re walking through a living piece of artwork. The colours themselves are mixtures of brilliant brightness and haunting darkness making the world itself seem as if you’re leaving paradise and entering an unnerving nightmare.  The puzzles in An Evening Alone may feel a little obtuse at times, but with a little bit of experimentation you’ll figure things out. (especially once you figure out how to pick items up!)

An Evening Alone’s developer (Michael T Moreno) had cancelled the project, and moved on to other things, but after receiving good feedback from the current build, he’s planning on returning to the game in the future. This is great news as fans of horror/puzzle games will certainly find a lot to appreciate in this surreal, stylish and scary puzzle adventure.

Note:  As this game is a very early build, it can be a bit glitchy.  Some objects (like the blue lantern at the start) aren’t super easy to pick up due to object collision, but if you get nice and close, you’ll be able to pick them up and use them.

In The Likely Event You Get Stuck, Check Out The Devs Walkthough Here

Download the An Evening Alone Alpha Here (Windows & Mac)