Anarchy Arcade – Beta Download (Steam)

anarchy arcade

We’ve been big fans of Anarchy Arcade for a while now, and as it’s just been released for free on Steam Early Access, now is a perfect time to try it if you’ve still not given it a go.

Anarchy Arcade is an ingenious game/program that allows you to build a fully functional arcade with your Steam library (and other non-Steam games).   Customise the Arcade as you like, with pictures/posters, props, furniture, movies, internet pages, internet radio, YouTube videos, and various types of Arcade Cabinet.  It even includes Oculus Rift Support for the full virtual arcade experience.

As you fill your arcade, you’ll unlock more and more items, such as arcade cabinets, furniture and even new locations (including E3), there’s a massive selection of stuff to play around with, allowing you to really make the arcade your own.  There’s even multiplayer, so you can invite your friends to your arcade to show off your creations.

The customisation options are incredible, you can put any media onto anything you can think of (once unlocked), you can play Starcraft from a Steam box, Watch a movie from a tablet, Play GTA IV from a racing cabinet and so much more.  There’s even huge amount of emulator support, with you able to play everything from MAME to Wii Roms through Anarchy Arcade.  You probably won’t play them as you’ll be too busy making your arcade look awesome, but you CAN play them, in Anarchy Arcade you can play anything.

Check out our little Alpha Beta Gamer Arcade HERE

Download Anarchy Arcade, Free via Steam HERE

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