See those arcade cabinets in the picture above?  Notice anything strange about them?  Yup, they’re PC games, more importantly they could be YOUR PC games.

Anarchy Arcade allows you to build a fully functional arcade with your Steam library (and other non-Steam games).   Customise the Arcade as you like, with pictures/posters, props, furniture, movies, internet pages, internet radio, YouTube videos, and various types of Arcade Cabinet.

The customisation options are incredible, you can put any media onto anything you can think of (once unlocked), you can play Starcraft from a Gameboy, Watch a movie from a tablet, Play GTA IV from an N64 and so much more.  There’s even huge amount of emulator support, so you can play classic SNES games on a SNES through Anarchy Arcade.  You probably won’t play them as you’ll be too busy making your arcade look awesome, but you CAN play them, in Anarchy Arcade you can play anything.

UPDATE:  Anarchy Arcade has now been Greenlit.  It also has some great new features for 2014, such as GameJolt, Netflix and Hulu support, while the graphics have been significantly improved and your avatar now has Arms!

Check out the (already Greenlit) Steam Greenlight page HERE

Download the fully working prototype HERE