Anathema – Alpha Demo (Steam)

Anathema Game Download

Anathema is an old school 2D action platformer inspired by Castlevania, Ghosts n’ Goblins and Mega Man X that uses a rarely used mid 90’s pre-rendered sprite style reminiscent of Killer instinct and Donkey Kong Country.

In Anathema you play as Aurora, The Angel of Death and mortal daughter of God’s right hand man who was murdered by followers of the fallen angel Azrael. Looking for vengeance, you set forth through demon infested lands to hunt down those who killed your father.

Aurora uses a Castlevania-style whip and the monsters you come across are similarly occult themed, but Anathema isn’t a metroidvania. It’s much more of an old school side scrolling action platformer akin to Ghosts n’ Goblins and Mega Man X. The current Demo build offers a sizeable chunk of gameplay, with large levels populated by diverse monsters, secret areas, challenging platforming sections and big boss fights at the end of them.

The 90’s pre-rendered visual style is very cool and combines with the retro side scrolling action platforming gameplay to make an experience that feels like you should be playing it with a SNES control pad. A very stylish love letter to classic action platformers well worth checking out.

Check Out An Anathema Gameplay Video Here

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