Ancestors Legacy – Open Beta

Ancestors Legacy is a very impressive squad-based RTS set in medieval Europe that sees players doing battle in fast paced matches with a strong focus on aggressive tactics.

We first featured Ancestors Legacy on Alpha Beta Gamer back during the closed Beta and were very impressed with its high quality visuals and streamlined, fast paced take on real time strategy. It’s currently in development by the Destructive Creations (creators of Hatred) and features realistic multiplayer battles with Viking, Anglo-Saxon, Slav and German armies and a system that allows you to focus on the frontline combat rather than get too bogged down with resource management.

There’s a real focus on aggressive tactics in Ancestors Legacy as you earn resources by capturing nearby villages. This means that you can’t just sit back and amass your army in your base – you have to go on the offensive as soon as the game starts, capturing as many villages as possible before your opponents. These settlements can be upgraded and you can instruct villagers to collect resources, but even if you build up the defenses you can never really relax – you can bet the enemy won’t want to let you you keep it for long!

It’s a fun game that does well to streamline the classic RTS experience, making it more about the combat than the resource gathering. It’s great to look at too, with lush Unreal Engine 4 powered visuals, day/night cycles, dynamic weather and cinematic battles. Join in the open Beta now to start ransacking, pillaging and building your army of medieval warriors!

Download The Ancestors Legacy Open Beta Here (Steam)