Anchored – Student Project Download

anchored game download

Anchored is a very impressive RTS survival game in which you help four settlers fend off wild animals, collect resources and expand their settlement that’s built on top of a small floating island.

Created by game design students of the Uppsala University, Anchored streamlines its take on RTS in some areas (such as you only having to worry about a handful of colonists), but adds adds a lot of other cool features in other areas that add a lot of depth and replayability. There are survival elements, such as you constantly having to scavenge for food and other resources to fend off your hunger and expand your base. You can also create custom loadouts for each character, equipping them with different gear and weaponry to form an effective fighting group.

The floating island your colonists live on doesn’t just look cool either – it has some significant effects on the gameplay. Your little island is a safe haven during the day, with you able to travel down to the land below (where there are wild animals to fend off) to explore and scavenge resources. You then take the resources you collect back to your townhouse which you must defend from creatures during the night. As the game progresses you can also lift the anchor that holds you in the same spot and move your little island to different locations.

Anchored not only offers some very addictive RTS survival gameplay, but the visual style and level of polish is very impressive as well. It’s a tough, stylish and well crafted island adventure you won’t regret getting stranded on.

Download Anchored Here (Windows & Mac)