Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows – Open Beta

Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows is a turn based RPG where you step into the shoes of a recently freed space pirate trying to make a (dis)honest living in a sector of space controlled by an overpowering Federation.

Currently in open Beta until its full release on December 11th, Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows is a standalone RPG set within the Ancient Frontier universe. Aside from the you being a space pirate, the core gameplay is pretty similar to Ancient Frontier, with tactical turn based battles which take place on hex-grid battlefields, with you commanding your fleet as you explore, conquer and pillage the frontiers of space.

Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows features a full campaign mode with over 20 missions and more than 50 procedurally generated side-missions and over 50 random events. You’re able to purchase and upgrade variety of different ships to add to your fleet, hire and assign crew-members who earn experience through battle and unlock a variety of useful technology via the games extensive tech tree.

It’s a promising game with a sizeable amount of content to keep you busy and satisfyingly deep turn based tactical battles as you build your space pirate empire. Well worth checking out for some tactical space piratey RPG fun.

Download The Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows Beta Here