Ancient Siberia – Beta Key Giveaway

Ancient Siberia is an epic new survival sandbox MMO in which you carve out a life in a vast 400 square kilometer game world filled with age-old forests, green valleys, snowy mountains, wizards, witchers and mythical beasts.

Ancient Siberia takes place in the World of Great Tartary, a large and diverse game world populated by characters and creatures based on ancient Siberian legends. You can build your life as a merchant, an artisan, a warrior or a bandit as you attempt to build a life for yourself. You start the game as a child, unable to be killed but also unable to take part in PvP combat. Your character evolves as you progress, with every action you take having an affect – so for instance, robbing merchants will turn you into a thug.

In the world you’ll battle other players and mythical beasts using a skill based combat system that uses dodges, power attacks and a variety of different weapons. You’ll also be able to build ships and sail to sea, build houses, learn powerful magic, craft equipment, socialise, trade, join clans, and discover hidden quests. It’s an ambitious game that offers plenty of ways to carve out a life in its vast fantasy sandbox world.

We have 50 Ancient Siberia Beta Keys to Giveaway! To enter, carry out any of the actions in the widget below, each action earns another entry into the raffle. Winners will be notified on Sunday.

You Can Visit The Official Ancient Siberia Website Here

Ancient Siberia – Beta Key Giveaway!

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  1. Kind of a bummer had issues getting it to instal and then finally does, just to realise its in russian :(

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