Angela Knife – Alpha Demo

Angela Knife is a very tense and disturbing voyeuristic PS1 styled psychological horror adventure where people are the real monsters.

Taking place in a run down roadside motel, Angela Knife is a retro styled psychological horror game that delves into the darker side of humanity. It follows a woman staying at a cheap motel as she deals with the unwanted attention of a real-life monster – a stalker who plans to assault her.

The current build of Angela Knife is early in development so there are some issues with it – most notable there’s very little sign-posting as to what you’re supposed to do to continue the narrative. This can be extremely frustrating and can leave you wandering around for ages trying to figure things out. However if you can stick with it (or just watch the playthrough linked below) then there’s a lot to like.

Even with the limited narrative in the current build, the subject matter is very powerful and there’s a deep sense of dread as you explore the motel. Something very bad is about to happen, and the fact that the monster is human and sexual/physical assault is very much a real-life problem makes the horror all the more real. It’s powerful stuff that will instill you with more terror than any zombies, beasts or mutants.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Angela Knife Alpha Demo Here (Windows)