Angelstruck – Beta Demo

Angelstruck is a 2D roguelite twin-stick shooter where an Underworld angel attempts to blast their way up to the pearly gates.

In Angelstruck you take on the role of an Underworld angel who’s attempting to shoot their way into heaven. The game plays a lot like a vertically scrolling shoot ‘em up, but with an Abuse style control scheme and sees you blasting waves of angels as you make your ascension. In typical rogueite fashion, as you level up you can choose from a selection of different perks, giving you a better chance against Heaven’s hordes.

It could do with some more interesting perks (most of them are just stat upgrades), but the core gameplay is a lot of fun and the visuals are beautiful. It’s a very kinetic feeling experience that’s non-stop action until your inevitable demise. It’ll be interesting to see who the final boss is in the full game!

Download The Angelstruck Beta Demo Here (Steam)