Anglerfish – Beta Demo

Anglerfish is a 2D pixel art horror adventure where a night out with the lads during a stag night takes a very dark turn.

Currently in development by Professional Villains (creators of The ER: Patient Typhon), Anglerfish is a darkly comedic pixel art horror adventure set in a mysterious bar called The Anglerfish. You’re there as part of a stag night and are on a mission to collect as many ladies’ numbers as possible. Aside from the foreboding entrance and a little plant-life on the walls, it seems like a normal enough place. But as with an actual anglerfish, looks can be deceiving!

To say too much more about Anglerfish will ruin any surprises, but it’s a fun horror game with a delightfully dark sense of humor and some great twists (with the main one drawing inspiration from a classic 90’s movie). The pixel artwork is excellent, the setting is very cool and the game is much more action focused than The ER: Patient Typhon. It’s definitely going to be a stag night to remember!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Beta Demo Here (Windows)