Angry Arrows – Alpha Demo

Angry Arrows

Angry Arrows is a super tough blend of Metal Gear Solid and Titan Souls in which one to four players storm enemy strongholds armed only with bow and arrows.

The controls and combat in Angry Arrows is pretty similar to Titan Souls, with you able to use evasive rolls and fire arrows (but you’re not just limited to one arrow).  Where the game differs is that you’re not taking on huge bosses, instead you’re attacking enemy strongholds, with an aim of rescuing a hostage and making it to the exit.  This is VERY tough in single player, but is a little easier in multiplayer co-op, in which communication and careful planning become the key to your success.

If you’re very skilled with a bow and arrow you can rush in head first, raining arrows of death upon your enemy, but it’s usually more prudent to use stealth.  Luring enemies into an ambush or guiding them over a mine is often more successful than one-on-one combat – as the enemy is particularly deadly with a bow and arrow.

The Alpha Demo features the first seven levels of the game, and will certainly take some time to complete – offering up highly challenging and addictive gameplay that has that all important ‘just one more go’ factor.  Super-fun and super-hard arrow flinging co-op combat.

UPDATE: Alpha Demo No Longer Available