Animation 101 – Game Jam Build Download

Animation 101

Animation 101 is an innovative and informative adventure which makes learning the basics of pixel art animation fun by wrapping it up in an interesting narrative about a student who’s learning how to animate at night school.

Not many games manage to make learning fun, but Animation 101 manages to weave an interesting narrative around teaching the basics of animation. You are student who is passionate about animation and is keen to learn the craft. You have to work during the day, but at night time you take animation classes and complete assignments. This means you can end up burning the candle at both ends sometimes, but you’re clearly passionate about animation so it’s worth it.

The classes you take divulge interesting information about the origins and evolution of animation, while your assignments are practicals that require you to complete animation loops and hand them in the next day at class. Unfortunately the current build only features one full ‘lesson’ which focuses on animating a characters walk cycle, but it’s an excellent premise that we’d love to see expanded upon.

It’s still essentially a prototype, but the developer is keen to continue work on it if they get positive feedback from the current build. We’d love to see more, as it’s a great premise that’s shaping up to be a great game that is both interesting and informative. In fact if you combine this with Pixario: The Last Pixel and Gladiabots then you’re on your way to becoming a game dev!

Download Animation 101 Here (Windows )