Animus Fault – Student Project Download

Animus Fault

Animus Fault is a super cool sci-fi first person shooter in which you can instantly switch between two parallel worlds to expose your enemies weaknesses, as you fight of hordes of deadly robots and make your way down to the Animus core.

Taking around 30 minutes to complete, your aim is to make your way down through the Animus and defeat the central core. There are a lot of deadly robots in your way, but you’re armed with three different weapons and the nifty ability to switch dimensions on the fly by pressing the right mouse button. Switching dimensions not only looks very cool, it also materialises the enemies of that dimension so that you can destroy them easier (just the enemy outlines are visible when you’re in the wrong dimension).

Created by students at DigiPen Institute of Technology, the audio and visual design of Animus Fault is superb throughout and the fast paced dimension shifting gunplay is superb. Certainly worth giving a go, in this dimension or the next.

Download Animus Fault Here (Windows)