AnoMalice – Alpha Download

AnoMalice is a very weird first person shooter puzzle game where you use guns and spawnable bodies to make your way through its surreal nightmarish world.

Created by vikintor (creator of ESTIGMA) AnoMalice is a surreal horror FPS puzzle game where you go in search of an entity called AnoMailce that seems to be the god of the nightmarish world you’re trapped in. You can play the game as a FPS or as a puzzle game, with the game removing all the enemies in the puzzle game mode and adding a few extra bits.

You can collect and shoot guns as in most FPS games, but you can also spawn three entities which travel in any direction you point them and activate switches when they are on top of them. You need to use the entities to solve cleverly crafted puzzles and make your way through the world.

At the moment the gunplay isn’t that great as the guns feel a little weak but the puzzles are very inventive and the world is fascinating. The puzzle mode is a nice touch and it’s nice to be able to walk around vikintor’s hellish landscapes in first person!

Download The AnoMalice Alpha Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)