Anomaly: Opening Night – Student Project Download

Anomaly opening night

Anomaly: Opening Night is a creepy third person action adventure that plays like a cross between Resident Evil and Ghostbusters.

You are part of a paranormal investigation team, and have entered a theatre full of possessed mannequins, a large unstoppable supernatural creature and lots of audio/visual trickery.  The mannequins can be stopped by shooting them, but they take a lot of punishment, and can still keep coming after you once they’ve lost a couple of limbs.  You do have a colleague who relays useful information to you, but you are very much alone in this theatre.  Well not alone, but you’re certainly the only living thing in the theatre.

Created by game development students of the Vancouver Film School, Anomaly: Opening Night is a short, spooky and intelligent horror adventure.  The creepy, lumbering mannequins are a particular stand out, but the whole game is well designed.  A ghost busting theatre adventure well worth a standing ovation.

Download Anomaly: Opening Night HERE (Windows Only)

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out Calum! I was one of the team members of the game, and it’s awesome to see it get out there. Keep up the good work :) ps: Published August 13th, perfect.

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