Another Space Opera: The Wake of The Giant – Alpha Demo

Another Space Opera: The Wake of The Giant is a dark Sci-Fi pixel art action adventure where you set out to save your sister during a supernatural conflict that will determine the fate of the galaxy.

In Another Space Opera you are a high ranking operative who works under a gestalt technocratic order. However, one day an outbreak on a space station your sister is working on means you have to defy orders and go rogue. Now everybody (and every freaky alien) is out to get you as you race to save her.

The core action platforming gameplay of Another Space Opera: The Wake of The Giant is a little like Contra, with you able to run, gun and aim in 360 degrees. However, there are also light survival horror elements too, with you managing health, ammo and inventory space. Plus, there are puzzle elements and levels with totally different gameplay (such as the first person space dogfighting one in the demo).

At the moment Another Space Opera does have some serious rough edges (excessive slow-down, lack of checkpoints, projectiles missing in the third level and a rather infuriating way of picking up weapons/ammo). However, it also shows a lot of promise. The pixel art animation is incredible, the opening cut-scene will really get you hooked, the combat is satisfyingly brutal and there’s a nice variety to the levels (it’s not just a brainless run and gun game). Another Space Opera isn’t just another space opera, it’s shaping up to be a hell of a lot of fun!

Check Out An Another Space Opera Gameplay Video Here

Download The Another Space Opera Alpha Demo Here (Steam)