Another Story – Game Jam Build

Another Story is a charming little point and click adventure where a young boy sets out on an adventure to save “Princess Zeila” from Darth Vader’s Death Star.

The narrative of Another Story takes place within a made up little bedtime story that a father is telling his son to get him to sleep. The son requests a story about a prince and Darth Vader, so the father soon cooks up a story about Vader kidnapping Princess Zeila and locking her up in his Death Star. The prince, who looks uncannily like the son in a Link costume, must now set out to save her.

As Another Story was created for a game jam, unfortunately it only features the opening act and you never actually save the Princess, but it’s still a fun little adventure nonetheless. In it you’ll have to figure out how to beat Spongebob’s brother (Rob), at a game of bubble blowing, so that he’ll let you continue your quest.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, Another Story is a wonderfully whimsical little game with great artwork and a beautiful artwork and a real childlike sense of adventure. It’s a joy seeing Star Wars, Zelda and Spongebob (among others) all mashed together because that’s how a child’s mind works – they don’t keep all their toys separated into different franchises when they play with them so it makes total sense that Link would play with Spongebob (or Spongerob) and go on a quest to save Zelda (or Zeila) from Darth Vader. A charming little adventure full of childlike wonder.

Play Another Story Here (Browser)