Ant Detective – Game Jam Build Download

Ant Detective is a very silly ant noir detective adventure that follows an ant detective who’s pretty bad at his job, as he attempts to unravel a conspiracy of murder and an anti-royalish uprising.

In Ant Detective you take on the role of Kowalski, an ant detective who has been given an “easy” assignment following his recent stint in rehab. The case involves figuring out the identity of a murder victim found down at the park. An easy enough speed limit game downloadtask for a competent cop, but Kowalski isn’t particularly competent and the clues soon start pointing to a massive conspiracy that revolves around an anti-royalist faction who are planning a big attack. Will Kowalski save the day?

Taking around thirty minutes to play through, the gameplay in Ant Detective is fairly simple and the visuals are pretty basic, but it’s got a great sense of humor and the voice acting is excellent. There are some very funny moments and the ending is particularly hilarious. A brilliantly bizarre bug detective adventure well worth taking a bite out of.

Download Ant Detective Here (Windows)