Antarctica – Prototype Download

Antarctica is a very stylish pixel art horror thriller where you explore a Russian research base in the Antarctic after losing contact with it two weeks prior.

The set up of Antarctica will be fondly familiar to fans of John Carpenter’s The Thing. In the game you take on the role of an operative who has been sent in to investigate a Russian research facility that has ceased all radio communication. The opening scene also indicates that something of possible extraterrestrial origin crashlanded there three years ago. It seems that perhaps the researchers have defrosted something best left on ice…

The gameplay and visual style of Antarctica feels a little like Swords & Sworcery vibe (but with more of a frostbitten The Thing-esque Antarctic setting), and sees you exploring the facility, searching for useful items, reactivating various systems and hunting for clues as to what happened there.

Taking around ten minutes to play through, the Antarctica demo ends before anything too exciting occurs, but it shows a lot of promise. The gameplay is intuitive, the pixel art visuals are fantastic and the whole thing feels very cinematic.

Note: Unfortunately the demo doesn’t give you an option as to where to install it. Once you’re finished playing it you can just uninstall it using the windows “add or remove program” function though.

Download The Antarctica Prototype Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)