Antbassador – GameJam Build


Antbassador is a ridiculous and fun QWOP-like adventure where you control a single human finger as it makes it’s way through an ant colony, assisting them, befriending them and trying your utmost not to squash them!

As you might expect form some of the minds behind Octodad, the charming humor and rather clumsy control scheme in Antbassador are what make the game.  All arm movement is controlled via the mouse, while left clicking curls your finger.  After a little practice it’s possible to perform some pretty intricate tasks (but you’re bound to squash a few ants on your way).

A full playthrough of Antbassador takes around 5 minutes (we’d love to see this expanded on), and during it’s short playtime it delights with it’s ridiculous premise, charming visual style and wit.  A huge thumbs up for this fiendishly fun finger adventure.

Watch us make peace with the ants HERE

Visit the Official Website HERE

Download Antbassador HERE