Anthem – Open Beta Demo (PS4, Xbox One & PC)

The pre-release open Beta demo is now available for Anthem on PS4, Xbox One and PC, so now everyone can jump in their Javelins and check out BioWare’s new multiplayer Sci-Fi action RPG.

As we mentioned in June, during the closed Beta Demo sign upAnthem is a Destiny-esque Sci-Fi action RPG from BioWare and EA, which allows players to jump into customizable exosuits (Javelins) and explore a shared world full of monsters and colossal beasts. It promises an evolving shared world and the Javelin exosuits are an integral part of the experience, coming in a variety of different classes, each with their own useful attributes that will aid your fight.

The Anthem Beta demo is available to download now via the respective PS4, Xbox One and Origin stores. The reception has been pretty mixed so far in the VIP demo (which you had to sign up or purchase the game for), but a lot of that has been down to server issues. The Beta demo will be live all weekend until February the 3rd, so if you’re on the fence, now’s the perfect time to check it out!

You Can Find More Info About Downloading the Anthem Beta Demo Here