Anthology of Fear: Prologue – Beta Demo

Anthology of Fear is a collection of three narrative driven psychological horror adventures which follow the weird, unpredictable and unreal events that take place in different epochs and realities.

Currently in development by RG Crew (creator of ROT), Anthology of Fear is a horror game that aims to tell three different stories, in three very different settings, with three different styles of gameplay. One will take place in a remote mountainous area of 20th century Russia, one will take place in an ordinary(ish) modern day home and another will have unreal events occurring between the shreds of reality.

Anthology of Fear: Prologue features the start of the first story and takes place in a beautiful and remote area that’s surrounded by snow-capped mountains. You have traveled there to scatter your brother’s ashes, but when you get there things take a turn for the worst and you eny up sheltering in a bunker. However, things may be just as dangerous inside the bunker as you’re plagued by mysterious entities that like to sew peoples’ lips together…

In its current form the story in Anthology of Fear: Prologue doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but it is very intriguing. You’re left with lots of questions after you finish (that will hopefully be answered in the full game) and a feeling that you are a small part of something much bigger that’s going on. It’s a beautiful game too, with some gorgeous vistas and vast rolling landscapes (in the first half of the game anyway), which is a nice change from the gloomy corridors that a lot of horror games confine themselves to. A beautiful and cerebral take on horror gaming well worth delving into.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the Anthology of Fear Prologue Here (Windows)