Antiamor – Game Jam Build Download

Antiamor is a fun and very fast paced little pixel art platformer where you set out to find all the shards of a shattered heart.

Created for the Major Jam 2, in Antiamor you control an agile little hero who is on a quest to repair the heart of a once prosperous and happy universe that was shattered by a bozo. The shards of the heart are scattered across a series of short and challenging levels and you’ll have a showdown with the bozo that shattered it to retrieve the last one.

Your character is very fast and can wall-jump and do spinning air-jumps that kill enemies. You can only do three spinning air-jumps in a row or you’ll die, but they can be used to kill enemies which then increases your score multiplier.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, Antiamor is a fast and stylish experience that feels a little like a hyperactive Super Meat Boy. Your agile little character is a lot of fun to control and the levels offer a real amount of challenge (particularly the final boss showdown). A bite-sized platformer with a lot of heart.

Download Antiamor Here (Windows)