Antigraviator – Alpha Demo

Antigraviator Game Downlaod

Antigraviator is a slick WipEout-style zero gravity futuristic racer with customizable vehicles, fantastic visuals, breakneck speeds and the ability to trigger traps at certain points on each track.

Antigraviator draws inspiration from F-Zero, WipEout and Redout to create a ludicrously fast futuristic racing game that’s a feast for the eyes. The full game will feature online and split-screen multiplayer, customizable vehicles with unique abilities, unlockable parts, diverse gravity defying racetracks and a kick-ass soundtrack.

The current Alpha demo build features one customizable vehicle and three playable tracks that you can race against up to seven AI bots or a friend in split-screen multiplayer. As you race around the tracks you can use boost pads and collect power globes which can either be used to boost your ship or trigger traps at certain points of the race.

The trap system could do with a little refinement as there’s not much feedback to tell you if they’ve been successful (you’re going way too fast to look behind you), but on the whole it feels like a nice balance between the free-for-all chaos of WipEout’s weapon races and the pure high speed racing of F-Zero. It shows a lot of promise, as even in these early stages of development Antigraviator offers a very polished experience, with stable frame rates, gorgeous visuals and blistering speeds. Slick, stylish and super fast antigravity racing well worth taking for a spin.

Note: To set off traps, collect come power globes then wait for an icon to appear behind your vehicle as you pass a trap, then press the ‘B button on your control pad to activate it (not ‘LB’ as stated in the options menu).

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Download The Antigraviator Alpha Demo Here (Windows)