Antitheos – Game Jam Build


Antitheos is a godly 2D action platformer where your fortune really is in the luck of the draw.

You play as a time traveling space orc that got stuck in a time period where those who live in it are in need of a new god, so they made you their god to rule everyone!  Being worshiped as a god is no bad thing, but they’ve also cursed you so that you cannot leave this time, making you mad and setting you on a bloodthirsty rampage against your followers.

You have a magical staff that will throw fireballs, and every time you kill a set amount of creatures, you will pick one positive with a negative attribute from a bunch of cards that you collect.  These attributes really spice up the action and they stack, allowing you to make some pretty powerful builds.

Even though this is a game jam build, let’s hope it goes on to be a full game, because the story and the gameplay are both excellent – punish those mortal fools for worshiping you!

Play Antitheos in a Unity Supported Browser HERE