Antonblast – Kickstarter Demo

Antonblast is a wonderfully chaotic 2D pixel art action platformer where a demolition worker goes on a wrecking rampage against the hordes of Satan.

Featuring a pixel art visual style inspired by the Game Boy Advance, Antonblast is a fast, fun and carnage-filled 2D action platformer. In the game you take control of a destruction worker called Dynamite Anton, as he sets out for vengeance after Satan steals his Spirit collection.

The gameplay in Antonblast feels like a blend of Pizza Tower and Rayman Origins/Legends. You’re pretty agile and you have a mighty hammer that allows you to smash through most things. And at certain parts in the levels you can jump from the foreground to the background (and vice versa), much like in the Rayman games.

It’s shaping up to be an excellent old school action platforming adventure, with vibrant visuals, fast paced gameplay and buckets of carnage. It’s also got plenty of personality, which is a must for any great action platforming adventure.

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Download The Antonblast Kickstarter Demo Here (Windows)