ANTRAXX – Pre-Alpha Demo


ANTRAXX is a very cool isometric massively multiplayer mech combat game with high quality pixel art visuals, fully customizable mechs and fast paced arcade mech battles.

ANTRAXX draws inspiration from classics such as Front Mission and Metal Slug to build it’s 1980’s style futuristic game world. It’s a future where mankind has been forced underground as the surface air is now unbreathable due to chemical weapons, and they use giant mechs to fight for resources, land and weaponry.

We first featured ANTRAXX on Alpha Beta Gamer back in June And it really has come a long way since then. The mech movement is smoother and faster, you can create your own mech from lots of interchangeable parts, there are more weapons (including a healing lazer), the maps now feature bases to be captured and the (already great) pixel art animation is vastly improved. The devs still plan to add a lot more, including more mech parts, more weapons, a player driven economy and the ability to build your own zones – but even in these early stages of development it’s very impressive.

At the moment the ease of access, the ability to play through your browser and the way you can easily drop in and drop out of the game’s massively multiplayer battles makes it feel a little like an game on steroids. Obviously the gameplay in ANTRAXX is far different though, there’s more depth and the amount of work it’s taken to create those superb pixel art visuals has really paid off.

ANTRAXX is currently on Kickstarter and it’s a project we’d really love to see reach its target as we can’t get enough of those awesome little mechs. The devs are online testing the game regularly too, and are always happy hear feedback and discuss the games progress via the in-game chat system or via the Discord teamspeak app.

NOTE: If you’re unsure what team you’re on press the TAB button, and if you need to know the keys just click on the ‘Help’ button.

UPDATE: This Pre-Alpha Demo is No Longer Available