Antro – Beta Demo

Antro is a cinematic 2.5D platformer where the music syncs up with the action as you deliver a package that may help overthrow a totalitarian government.

Taking place in a futuristic dystopia, in Antro you are part of a resistance that’s trying to fight back against a totalitarian government. You need to deliver a package to the lowest levels of the city, but the government is out to get you, so you’;ll need to be quick and smart.

Outwith short interludes, the core gameplay in Antro is a little like a runner game. You need to keep running as you jump, slide, punch and wall-run through each area, usually while being chased by something nasty that wants to kill you. All the while the music syncs up to the action wonderfully making it feel a little like a rhythm-action game.

It’s a very refreshing take on the runner genre that has a real sense of cinematic action, speed and peril. Plus the soundtrack is excellent and syncs up to really elevate the action.

Download The Antro Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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