Apart – Game Jam Build Download


Apart is a cool low poly Slenderman-style horror, made for the Asylum Jam, which has you searching for specific oddly familiar items in a strange forest.

You are not sure why you are here, but recognize the place. There is a large, red, telephone booth next to a table of items. A man on the phone tells you that you must find five items; such as a sock, a love letter, a bottle of pills. Each time you collect an item, you must bring the object to the table and the telephone mystery man will tell you a little story about the object. Sometimes he will even start to tell you why you are there.

Each item represents a low point in a person’s life, each story being told to you as you run. You need to go fast in collecting the items, as you are not the only one in this forest. Strange whines will be heard when the monster is near you. If it touches you, the game is over. You must hurry and find all the items for the sacrifice or you’ll never escape the forest!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Apart Here (Windows Only)