Apartment: A Separated Place – Beta Demo


Apartment: A Separated Place is an insightful experience that explores the emotions and thoughts of Nick Connor, a guy who has just broken up with his girlfriend of four years.

You play as Nick, as he reminisces of the time he spent with his ex-girlfriend – from the first time they met to when things start to go wrong. All these memories are locked up within objects found around his apartment. It’s not just your apartment you can explore either, you can explore your neighbours apartments too (which will be much expanded on in the full game), getting a glimpse of their lives, loves and deepest anxieties.

It’s a deep and emotional game, that gives you a voyeuristic glimpse into the lives, innermost feelings and relationships of others.  A well crafted look at the memories held within the walls of an apartment.

Download the Beta Demo HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)