Ape Out – Playable Teaser Download (Steam)

Ape Out game

Hotline Miami meets Harambe in Ape Out – a super intense fever dream full of bold visuals, frenetic jazz music and rhythmic ape-on-human uberviolence.

Currently in development by Gabe Cuzzillo and due to be published by Devolver Digital, In Ape Out you control a rather large gorilla who is making a break for freedom. Your captors aren’t quite so keen to see you released into the wilds however and will try and put you down by any means necessary – using a selection of high powered weaponry and even flamethrowers as they attempt to put an end to your rampage.

Ape Out plays a little like Hotline Miami, but with more of a focus on melee combat, a dynamic jazz soundtrack and even more OTT violence as you smash your captors to a pulp. Being a massive gorilla means you can’t pick up and use guns, but you can use your incredible strength to rip doors off walls, use your enemies as human shields and hurl them across the room like blood-filled puppets.

The current build is a very short teaser for the full game that’s due for release later in the year and can be completed in just over a minute. It’s wonderfully visceral and intense experience from start to finish that’s certain to whet your appetite for the full release. It’s such a frantic, blood splattered assault on the senses that you’ll feel physically drained by the end of it – then still load it up again and again to experience more of that intoxicating mix of drums, cymbals and decapitations. We really can’t wait to see more of this awesome ape escape.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Ape Out Prototype Here (Steam)