Apeshifter Munk – Game Jam Build Download


Apeshifter Munk, a short shape shifting puzzler made for the Ludum Dare 35, has you escaping a jail by transforming yourself into various everyday objects.

You are an Ape Munk who has been locked away. Around you, are a few random items; barrels, cauldrons, brooms, and buckets. You have the unique ability to view any of these objects and store what they look like. You can only store one object at a time, but can shape shift into basically anything you see.

You are able to use these transformations to aid your progress by allowing you to move through small gaps and activate buttons that you were too light to push. Each object has some desirable traits when it comes to solving each room’s puzzle. Buttons of different sizes need different weights in order to activate. Once they have turned green, you can walk off of them, and they will stay activated. This puzzler is a bit short, but the puzzles may take you some time to figure out, as you experiment with each object. There is also a hidden Easter Egg room to find! Will you escape this monkey jail?

Download Apeshifter Munk Here (Windows Only)