Apexicon – Alpha Download


Apexicon is a fun word based puzzle RPG, with upgrades, special moves and a surprisingly enjoyable story.

At it’s core, the aim is to make words that are as long as possible form the selection of letters available, then ‘attack’ your opponent, dealing damage equal to the length of the word.  It’s a good system, with added depth thanks to the green healing letters and special moves.

The game allows you to upgrade and fully customise your character using with ‘INK’ that is won through matches.  You’ll also be able to manage the town, build friendships with NPCs and take part in side quests.  The character drawings, and voice acting are both well done and do a good job of pulling you into the games intriguing story that promises multiple endings.

Apexicon is a simple and enjoyable puzzle game wrapped up in an interesting story and a wide array of RPG elements.  Definitely worth checking out if your a fan of word games, especially Boggle.

Download the Alpha through the Kickstarter page HERE