Apocalypse Gardening – Game Jam Build Download

apocalypse gardening

Imagine a radial shooter where you’re a blob person in the apocalypse where your life and water are constantly running out and the two of them are your only sources for survival.

This is Apocalypse Gardening, where players are trapped in a small desolate map, constantly pummeled by pink blobs and the only way to stay alive is to blast them with water while also standing on your plot of land to keep your health from falling to zero. Your health is constantly falling and if you stand on your plot of land, your health is replenished. But this also depletes your plot, and if you let it die, you must grow a new one from fallen sprout enemies who leave a seed when they fall.

Using your watering can, you can either water your plot of land to keep it alive, or grow a new one. Your weapon is a water cannon and since that and the watering can run off your water supply, you have to soak up more water from pools around the map. So you’re watching your health, water supply, condition of your plot of land, keeping an eye out for enemy sprouts to grow them as well, all while being under constant attack.

It’s a fast-paced, strategy-heavy radial shooter and will raise the heart rate (and profanity rate) of those who indulge.

Download Apocalypse Gardening HERE