Apocalypse Night – Alpha Demo

Apocalypse Night game

Apocalypse Night is an addictive 2D action platforming survival game in which you scavenge resources, build a base, rescue survivors and defend yourself against hostile humans and hordes of monsters

In Apocalypse Night your goal is simple – survive. You’re start in a small city that’s been ravaged by constant monster attacks with only a hand gun to defend yourself. You then have to work fast though to scavenge weapons and resources, save hostages, deal with hostile humans and monsters, then build up your base before night falls. There are a few monsters kicking around during the day time but the floodgates really open at night so you need to be well prepared to deal with them. The survivors you rescue don’t fight the monsters, but they do help you research new defences and weaponry thet will come in handy in the future.

The current Demo build of Apocalypse Night only features the first few nights which is a shame as you’re just getting warmed up when it ends. But it’s a great taster for things to come, with an addictive loop of scavenging, building, fighting, and randomised elements that make each play through different. Certainly worth keeping an eye on, we can’t wait to spend a few more nights with this one.

Download The Apocalypse Night Alpha Demo Here (Windows)