Apolysis – Beta Demo

Apolysis is an unsettling retro styled first atmospheric horror game that blends body horror with industrial machinery as you face fear and transcend your flesh.

In Apolysis your character has felt a calling that has led them to a large abandoned looking old refinery. It’s surrounded by wasteland, but inside it harbours some dark secrets, lots of strange industrial machinery and a seductive goddess who will help you transcend from your fleshy form.

For want of a better term, Apolysis is a walking simulator, which tells its dark tale via the massive ominous environments you explore. The current build takes around 15 minutes to play through and sees you arriving at the refinery and descending into its dark depths. The only issue at the moment is that the character’s walking and running animations seem a little weird.

Aside from the walk animation it’s a fantastic game, which feels very cinematic and does a great job of environmental storytelling as you explore its dark recesses. Its blend of industrial machinery and body horror makes for a very unique and disturbing experience full of striking imagery.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Apolysis Beta Demo Here (Windows)