APT – Alpha Demo


APT is a very tough physics-based first person first-person puzzle platformer that’ll test your reflexes, skill and patience as it sets you challenges of near-insurmountable odds.

Comparisons can be drawn to Portal, in that you’re a test subject in a sterile looking laboratory, but APT is much more of a conventional platformer than Portal.  There are puzzles, but they’re not too tricky to solve, the real hard part is pulling off the manoeuvres necessary to complete the levels.

APT features some pretty challenging level design, which when combined with the your slightly clunky inertia-based movement can make for some very tricky levels – even the tutorial can cause the occasional rage-quit.  Bear with it though and you’ll find a satisfying physics-based platformer built for speed runs.  APT‘s not in the same ballpark as Portal yet, but it’s still early days, and does display the foundations of a very promising skill based platforming game.

Check Out the Greenlight Campaign & Download the Alpha Demo HERE