Aquacreep – Alpha Download

Aquacreep is a creepy little 2D adventure that draws inspiration from John Carpenter’s The Thing, as you attempt to find and kill a shapeshifting monster that’s invaded your marine research center.

Aquacreep is a spinoff of the excellent Astrocreep (which we highly recommend playing before playing this game), that switches the gameplay to more of a traditional point and click adventure style and has you playing a human who’s trying to kill the alien (instead of vice-versa). In the game you take on the role of a marine diver who works for a research institute where a shapeshifting alien creature has managed to infiltrate your ranks. As in The Thing, this creature can look and talk exactly like the human hosts that inhabits, it’s up to you to figure out a way to flush it out and kill it before it wipes you all out.

It’s still early in development so does still have a few rough edges and there are quite a few plot holes and terrible decisions from the rest of the crew (aaah there’s a monster, let’s all split up and hide in different buildings!), but it does have a lot of potential. It borrows heavily from John Carpenter’s masterpiece, which is a good thing for fans of the movie, and offers lots of tense moments as you attempt to discover which of your research crew have been turned. It’s not as gruesome or wickedly humorous as Astrocreep, but it’s a great companion piece that’s well worth checking out for some sci-fi shapeshifting horror.

Download or Play The Aquacreep Alpha Here (Windows & Browser)