Aquamarine – Kickstarter Demo

Aquamarine is a beautiful hand drawn Sci-Fi exploration game that sees you attempting to survive, explore and escape an alien planet that’s entirely covered with water.

Drawing inspiration from 70’s era psychedelic Sci-Fi and the works of the comic book artist Moebius (a.k.a. Jean Giraud), Aquamarine follows the journey of a nameless space traveller who crash lands on an alien planet that’s covered with water. You must now use your fragile little escape pod to navigate the depths of the planet, discover its secrets, scavenge resources, avoid hostile wildlife and make it back to your crashed ship, which you’ll hopefully be able to repair and escape the planet with.

There’s a lot to discover as you explore and observe the dynamic underwater ecosystem you find yourself in. You’re a lone explorer in a hostile alien world so you need to observe and adapt to the environment – paying close attention to the behaviour of the alien lifeforms and volcanic vents while keeping an eye out for useful items, crystals and food sources.

The current build of Aquamarine lacks a tutorial so it does take a little time to get to grips with, but it’s great fun trying to figure everything out. The movement is turn based, with you moving first, then the local wildlife taking their turn to move. For the most part the wildlife will leave you alone but the most common creatures you meet will attack if you get too close and they like to eat the crystals you’re trying to harvest. There is one particularly hostile type of creature though, which looks like a cute little whale with legs, that will chase and ram you hard, so if you see one then you’d better run away! You are able to unlock upgrades that allow you to fight back against the alien lifeforms, but they’re pretty costly so it’s best to avoid confrontation if you can.

It’s still early in development, but even in its current form the beautiful underwater world of Aquamarine is a fascinating place to explore. The artwork is superb, the creature design is excellent and it’s great fun discovering the secrets the world has to offer. A psychedelic deep sea Sci-Fi adventure well worth diving into.

Tips: You can use the crystals you harvest to recharge your health and power bars while you’re still underwater (just click the small icons below them). There’s a lot to learn about how to control your escape pod, if you’re struggling you may want to check out this video. If you’d like to reset the game, dive underwater then hold ‘T’ and press ‘R’

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