Aquamarine – Pre-Alpha Demo

Aquamarine is a beautiful 70s-era psychedelic comic book styled Sci-Fi roguelike survival adventure where you explore an underwater ecosystem, scavenge resources and attempt to find your way back to your crashed ship.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2018, Aquamarine is a turn-based roguelite survival adventure where you use an escape pod to explore an underwater world that you’ve crash landed on. You have limited resources and your escape pod is pretty basic (initially anyway), but as you explore you’ll discover resources and components for your pod that can give you some useful upgrades. There are a few issues though – your pod needs a constant supply of crystals to keep powered up and a lot of the wildlife you meet really isn’t friendly!

You do unlock the ability to attack with your pod later on, but on the whole Aquamarine is more about exploration and discovery than combat. Your food and power supplies give you enough to deal with so you’re best off avoiding conflict with the wildlife if possible. It’s also worthwhile paying attention to their behaviour as they can prove quite useful at times – such as one creature that can help you find crystals (as long as you reach the crystal before it!)

The current build of Aquamarine is a little buggy and prone to crashing, but it has a lot of potential. The Moebius inspired 70s-era psychedelic comic book art style is fantastic, the vibrant and deadly underwater world is a fascinating place to explore and there’s lots to discover in its depths. A beautiful undersea adventure well worth diving into.

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Download The Aquamarine Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)

1 thought on “Aquamarine – Pre-Alpha Demo”

  1. Wow — What a beautiful art style. Love the sound design, too. You guys are onto something wonderful here. However, I did get a little frustrated (not majorly) as a first time player. I just died too many times, too quickly. I’d like to be eased into the experience just a bit more. Saw that globe smash animation three times within the first five minutes or so.

    As a newb, wasn’t sure what the scanner did. Why does it work sometimes, and other times not? Just giving you my exact reactions here. Maybe you want that to be a mystery?

    I’ll come back and play more soon. The artwork alone is enough to make me want to play more.

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