Arashi – Student Project Game

Arashi is a super stylish speedrun focused freerunning platformer that sees you using a time-bending cybernetic enhancement to race your way through its multi-route levels.

In Arashi you take control of Arashi, a freerunner who is equipped with a multi-purpose cybernetic enhancement. This cybernetic enhancement allows you to boost, double jump, wall jump, smash through barriers, slow time and even stop time. You use these abilities to help you race through Arashi’s sprawling multi-route levels. Liberal use of checkpoints means that dying doesn’t set you back very far, but you will lose vital seconds.

It’s a very impressive game, with beautiful neon-filled visuals, excellent level design and a nice selection of skills to master. It can be completed in around 15 minutes, but it’ll take much longer to master the fastest routes through each level. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Arashi Here (Windows)