Arcane Showdown – Beta Download

Arcane Showdown is a fast paced Clash Royale-esque lane-based deck building RTS game where you use minions and spells to try and overwhelm your opponent in 1v1 multiplayer matches.

In each match of Arcane Showdown your aim is to overwhelm your opponent and destroy their base. You do this by using mana to use spells and place minions on the battlefront, where they automatically walk forwards and attack relevant enemies. You can earn extra mana by enchanting mana veins and each side has destructible statues that give them buffs (which are lost when the statues are destroyed). As you progress you unlock more cards to add to your deck and you can upgrade them to make them even more formidable on the battlefield.

It’s not particularly revolutionary, but Arcane Showdown does deliver an easily accessible and polished lane based RTS with satisfyingly deep gameplay. Well worth checking out for some fast paced and addictive RTS battles.

Download The Arcane Showdown Beta Here (Steam)