Archimoulin – Beta Demo

Archimoulin game download

Archimoulin is a beautifully animated puzzle platforming adventure in which you explore a giant mill and collect ingredients for a birthday cake.

In Archimoulin you play a young boy who must gather ingredients to make the birthday cake of the century. There are five ingredients you need to collect and thankfully you live inside a giant Mill that produces all lots of different types of ingredients that you’ll be able to use.

The puzzle platforming elements in Archimoulin are fairly easy, so it doesn’t take long to complete, but thanks to the fantastic audio and visual design it’s a joy spending time in the game’s vibrant Studio Ghibli-esque world. The giant mill is packed full of detail, quirky characters, fun surprises and superb animation that makes the whole place feel alive – and bouncing on chickens to reach higher platforms is a particular highlight!

Unfortunately the demo build ends after you collect the fourth ingredient, so you’ll have to wait for a future build if you want to finally bake that cake. But if the current build is anything to go by, the wait will be worth it!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Archimoulin Beta Demo Here (Windows)