Arctic Awakening – Beta Demo

Arctic Awakening is a narrative-driven first person Sci-Fi mystery adventure where your plane crashes in the Arctic wilderness near a mysterious abandoned facility.

Taking place in the year 2062, Arctic Awakening starts with you, a colleague and your court-mandated therapy bot on route to a frozen wilderness to deliver emergency supplies. However, a mysterious power-outage causes your plane to crash and you become stranded in the middle of nowhere and separated from your colleague.

Now you and your therapy bot must explore the wilderness, search for your colleague and try to survive. However, it’s not long until you come across a mysterious facility that seems to use a lot of power. Maybe you’ll find rescue inside…

Arctic Awakening features a semi-open world and is very narrative-driven, with full voice acting and a focus on story-centric choices. The current demo has around 45 minutes of gameplay and really impresses with its excellent voice acting, beautiful scenery and cinematic storytelling. It feels a lot like a more interactive take on the TellTale formula, complete with puzzle and survival elements. It’s a very promising game and by the end of the demo, you’ll be dying to learn more about the mysterious facility.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Arctic Awakening Beta Demo Here (Steam)