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Are You With Us?, a spooky Ouija Board simulator made for the Global Game Jam 2016,  has you communing with the dead from the comfort of your home PC.

You have discovered a video cassette that shows instructions on how to speak to the dead. With your curiosity peaked, you have gathered up all the necessary items to try and speak with the spirits lurking around your home. In the game you are able to do a couple of things; record your questions to the dead, use the chalkboard, and use the ouija board for direct answers from the dead.

Each time you play, you will have one question to ask the spirits. Once this question is recorded, you can use the ouija board to see what the spirit has to say. The spirit will light up different letters on the board which will then spell a word. Once you receive the word you will be shown a tarot card, before moving on. While these spirits are in the room, they will also mess with the surroundings – causing glitches in the tape or lighting candles for you. This game, complete with a creepy atmosphere, will provide everything you need to communicate with the dead.  Do you want to talk to the dead? Will you pay the price once you have?

Note: Are You With Us? works without okay without a microphone and camera plugged in, but to get the most out of it we highly recommend playing with both turned on! Also, you don’t need to click the mouse, you simply move it around like you’d operate a Ouija board.

Download Are You With Us? Here (Win, Mac, & Linux)

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