ARENA 3D – Alpha Demo

ARENA 3D is a slick new twin-stick shooter that’s played out over a variety of different game modes that really shake up the gameplay – incorporating stealth and tower defense elements into it’s fast paced Geometry Wars-esque arcade action.

The current build of ARENA 3D features three very different game modes, with five more are planned for the full release. The first game mode you’ll come across is Exosphere, a Super Stardust-esque twin-stick shooter mode that sees you attempting to survive for as long as possible on a large sphere. Next up is Fathom, a stealth based maze-runner that sees you using stealth (and no guns whatsoever) to avoid enemies and collect pick-ups. Commander is the third mode, which infuses the top down twin stick shooting with tower defense elements and sees you purchasing defenses to fend off increasingly tough waves of enemies.

The diversity of the different gameplay modes is very impressive and future modes include racing, 3D flying combat and first person missile defense. No matter which mode you’re playing it’s a fun game, with responsive controls and silky smooth gameplay. As with any good arcade shooter, it’ll push you to your limits as you face off against increasingly tough odds and a split-second of complacency can cause your downfall. A slick, stylish and surprisingly diverse twin stick arcade shooter that’s well worth checking out.

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Download The ARENA 3D Alpha Demo Here (Steam)