Arena – Alpha Download

Arena is a very stylish magic-based hand painted first person shooter where you fight for your life in a gladiatorial arena against waves enemies after being busted for using magic.

Arena takes place in a beautiful hand painted fantasy land called Kazu where the use of magic has been outlawed. After being caught using your magical abilities by the city guards you have been sentence to trial by combat, which requires you to fight your way through 20 waves of monsters, creatures and warriors to earn your freedom back.

The current Alpha build of Arena features the first nine waves of enemies and a selection of spells you can purchase from a shop between rounds. Your standard lighting spell is pretty handy, but you can also purchase others, like a fire spell and a nifty plant friend spell that spawns a plant companion to fight on your side.

The FPS gameplay in Arena is fairly simple, but fast paced and fun and the hand painted art style make you feel like you’ve stepped into a work of art. Don’t spend too long admiring the scenery though – you’ve go monsters to slay!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the Arena Alpha Here (Win & Mac – Password is “goblin”)