Arena : Cyber Evolution – Alpha Download

Arena Cyber Evolution

Arena: Cyber Evolution is a futuristic physics based multiplayer online sports arena (MOSA) game where you choose from a selection of heroes with different play styles and abilities, then battle it out in a 3v3 football-like competitive match where teamwork and twitch reflexes are needed to win.

Arena: Cyber Evolution is the fruition of months of work on Project Cyber which we covered back in March, an ambitious project which allowed the public to watch and shape the games development, with a current build always available to play.

The Alpha has just been released on Steam and is a joy to play, with fluid controls, different play styles, competitive strategic matches, and a nice ‘championship-like’ atmosphere.  Arena is looking to be a great new addition to the e-sports scene with its simple, fast and fun team based gameplay that’s fun for everyone.

Download the Alpha on Steam HERE