Argolis – Alpha Demo

Argolis is a first person gladiatorial boss-rush fighting game where you face powerful warriors in first person melee based combat as you take part in a trial that tests your strength and endurance.

Currently in development by Jam, creator of In Somnio and The Crawford Family, Argolis is a very stylish, skill-based first person gladiatorial combat game that takes place in Ancient Greece. In the game you take control of a lone warrior who must test his skills by fighting his way through a series of bosses in a large temple.

There are three fights in the Argolis demo build, each requiring different tactics and mastery of your skills to beat them. The slightly Soulsian combat is fast paced and tactical, relying on managing stamina, dodging, parrying, kicking and finding the perfect time to strike. Button mashing is a sure fire way to end up dead.

It’s an impressive game, with a great visual style and intense battles that require your full focus. Each new fight offers a unique challenge and it all feels very cinematic. See if you’ve got the skill to survive the temple!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Argolis Alpha Demo Here (Windows)